Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Tree

We moved into our new house in November and have been enthralled by the view ever since.

 We still smile when we open the curtains in the morning and see if the tide is in or out.

I spotted a tree on the horizon and decided (after seeing Avatar on New Years Eve) that we should find it.

Its not just any tree, it was really big one can you see it?

How about in the 'close up'

I thought we might find a huge Avatar tree with interesting beings living in, around and under it. so on a hot summers day (near my birthday) husband says, 'what would you like to do for your birthday?' Me: Find the Avatar tree. I had already done a bit of a reccy I'd tried to go up the back of Orewa to find it but I could see it was still miles away - across the motorway and two more valleys besides.
Armed with Google maps on my iPhone and the latest Wises map book off we set.
Gravel track pass for roads in the outback. Phils shiny car became horribly dusty. 

We saw beehives,

A bicycle made into a mailbox, 

A novelty 'Logging Trucks' sign (see earlier post for Day 7 30 Days of Me)
only a couple of signs with bullet holes in and eventually this.

OK so its not 'A Tree' its a stand of pines but we still call it 'The Tree' there may be strange and wonderful beings in it but seing as how this was the area where some bloke got done for firearms and drugs a little while ago. we didn't want to go poking around too much. 
Anyway the view back to our place (nearly 10k as the crow flies) was pretty good too.

Its still magic though.
'cos afterwards we found ourselves at Puhoi and had lunch in the Pub.

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