Friday, April 15, 2011

Lost Youth - in Nice.

I happened to catch the end of a programme on a TV last night about this girl in Nice cooking with herbs they had picked from the hills behind the city.
So I came all over all nostalgic and had a look on Google Maps today, streetveiw is a wonderful thing.
 This is the Burger 'restaurant' I worked in after ditching the family with the horrible kids that I went over there to Au-Pair for. Its still a burger Bar although its been bought out by the 'other' french burger chain - It used to be 'Freetime' .The green arrow marks the apartment I used to live in.
When I was at home in the evenings I used to watch the two hookers that had the corner opposite get in and out of cars or just walk round the corner with their customers.
I used to hang my towels out to dry on the bar across the window, one day my favourite one fell off and I didn't find it till weeks later - there was a big Alsatian dog sleeping on it in the garage on the street below. I got it back off the garage owner and we still have remnants of it in the house today nearly 30yrs later, it made great pot holders in the kitchen.

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This Map and Pic shows that they never replaced the 'Boulevard Carnot' Sign that used to live on the post behind the bus stop. the sign fits nicely at home in my garden now. it was right outside the gate of the house I lived in when I first moved over - Au-Pair to the Romagnon family and their two despicable brats one aged 5 and one aged 7 - I learned all my dirtiest swearwords from them (the kids that is).
that will do for now!

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Blog 6: Say cheese!

Blog 6: Say cheese
How many types of cheese do you have in your fridge?
I love cheese, but as soon as I buy it, I eat it, so its not normally hanging around long enough to be blogged about.
Right now we have:-
Generic rubbery 'tasty' cheddar, 
Half a small Kapiti Camembert, ok for pizzas and sarnies but not runny enough to just eat. (it won't get a chance to mature)
Half a Kapiti Pakari aged cheddar, I couldn't give tasting notes as I havent been allowed near, as it technically belongs to Mr14 (he got it for Christmas from his Nan) he's just taking his time eating it.
The best one though, is the Cheese we don't have in our fridge any more cos we ate it over the Christmas holidays. It was a 1KG wheel of Kapitai Kikorangi "the King of Cheeses" a delicious creamy curd with rivers of dark blue running through, delightfully tangy and creamy at the same time. 
Absolutely ASTOUNDING with fresh honeycomb - a recent discovery, blue cheese and honeycomb OMFG doooo iiiit.

Sense a bit of a Kapiti Cheeses theme going on here? - widely available and pretty darn good.