Tuesday, September 28, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 20 Someone you see yourself being with in the future

Day 20- Someone you see yourself marrying/being with in the future

Is this a trick? I've already got one you see.
I started to write out our life story then thought pictures might be better.

Starting with Batman, The rebel (age 14), Bedroom wall he painted, (remember Roger Dean?), when we were young, the day we bought our first boat 1989 (thanks Bignose), Crossing the Atlantic, Stag night in St Martin, Wedding Day in Anguilla 1994, Wedding Reception in St Martin, With Ryan 1 week old, Sailing past Dominica 1997, Digging the pond 2009.

What more is there to say? - we've been together for 26 years! It only seems like yesterday. Most of its been fun and theres heaps to do together yet. We love it.

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