Thursday, June 14, 2012


Well its been a while since I posted here, the weather is colder, I seem to be reading more blogs than posting on mine also pinterest is getting a bit of a bashing these days, using it more of a bookmark keeper than a wish list.

The chickens have been separated (no thats not a euphemism), it means that the two we got from Pauls, who were about a year older than our 3 have gone back to Pauls and now live in the garden of his new house. They had to move out of his old house as they were totally free-range and used to shit all over the deck. Not cool when there is an open home.
The original three looked very pleased when I dropped a bale of pea-straw into their run to give them something to do, it is particularly horrible, smelly and muddy in there this time of year and I only get to see them at weekends as its dark when I leave the house and dark by the time I get home at night too :(

When all 5 were at our place (in less muddy times)

There are a  few good things about this time of year as far as I can see,  Woodburner, red wine and films on the telly.
Of course the beach is wonderful too but daylight is limited so not so much of that happens, at least I can watch it from the house.

This weekend I shall plant garlic, I have meant to do it for the last 2 years and missed the midwinter window. I am looking forward to harvesting green garlic on the longest day