Friday, October 29, 2010

Random Numbers preliminary post

I obviously need a poke with a stick to use this blog as nothing gets done on its own, the next bunch of entries will be all about numbers. I got the idea from @josiecampbell whom I found during the #30daysofme blogfest.
I will be using her suggestions and may even interject some of my own, like 'How many (english) words did you use today that people didn't understand.' 

I think it'll be a good one as I like to know how much of everything there is and the idea of documenting it really appeals to me!

I also like that there are no time contraints and I don't have to write one every day. I will start in the next day or so - it will get posted to twitter too with the #randomnumbers hashtag

Josies list:- from her blog

Blog 1: Music snobs
Look at your music library – records, CDs, iTunes. How many albums do you have on each? How many hours on iTunes? Do you love any albums so much you have purchased them in multiple formats?

Blog 2: Shoes
How many pairs do you have? Breakdown into dressy, sporty, casual. Post a photo of your favourite pair and say why.

Blog 3: Look at me
 How many photos of you are there on Facebook? (Tagged – it shows when you go to your profile). Post one – not the one that makes you hottest, but one that shows you having the most fun.

Blog 4: Drink up
How many bottles are in your liquor cabinet, cupboard, fridge? What's your fave?

Blog 5: Help in the kitchen
How many kitchen appliances do you have? Which one couldn't you live without?

Blog 6: Say cheese
How many types of cheese do you have in your fridge?

Blog 7: The city uniform
How many black tops do you own?

Blog 8: Magnetism
How many magnets are on your fridge and where did they come from?

Blog 9: Tea-totaller
How many types of tea do you have? If the answer is 0 – what's your alternative?

Blog 10: Green thumbs  
How many pot plants (of a legal nature) do you have? What are they? How many are healthy? If yours are thriving – what is your secret?

Blog 11: Bookworm
How many books do you own? How many library books do you have out? Any collections of authors (e.g. I own 27 Agatha Christie books). How many are currently living by your bed?

Blog 12: Collection
Is there something you are a collector of? What is it? Stamps? My Little Ponies? Tea pots? Power tools? How many do you have? How did you get started?

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