Sunday, October 3, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 25 It's in the bag

Day 25 - What I would find in your bag

I love my bag, its made of a recycled inner tube from Costa Rica! Maybe the energy used to get it here outweighs the sustainability of the recycling involved.  I buy things from the greater good network as I always click on the hungersite etc every day. I guess the advertising works.

Purse. - Boring
Sunglasses. - Polaroid of course, K-Mart specials, I'm sooo styly!
2 letters I should have posted last week, I hope I haven't missed the draw date for the coastguard lottery.
$50 westfield voucher, thats handy. I swapped it for money with Ryan as he's saving up for his X-box 360
Gym Class timetable.
iPhone - I love my iphone, the second really expensive thing I've ever bought that I didn't really need (the first one was my personalised plate).
Reading glasses - yup, getting on a bit now.
Pen from the Hyatt Regency Hotel - they do a good line in pens.
Emergengy YoYo - you knever know when you'll need one.
Eye Cream (or my 'keep young and beautiful' cream).
String - the biggest snapper I've ever caught went up to the frayed bit about 3/4 of the way along so its my snapper measuring string.
Discount Voucher for fuel - its for BP but I don't go there any more since the deep Horizon Disaster so I will use it at the Caltex instead.
Hair Clip
Wallet with buisness cards and random loyalty cards in.
iPod shuffle, Purple of course :)
Car Keys.
Hair clip, yes, another one.
House keys, 
Party pills  - one left, dont know if it will be any good, its a bit old now.
Lip Chap stuff.
Eye Pencil.
Opinel Pocket knife - It was on 'Kamouraska' when we bought her (our 10m steel cutter we used to live on) its been used used for all sorts of things over the years and just gets a wipe and a drop of 3in1 oil every now and again. I love my knife.
Nasal spray for when the hayfever hits.
Patchouli Oil - my original bottle from when I was 16!
Sequins (just reminded me of this joke).
AA battery, dunno why.
Masking tape with grass on. I'll leave you wondering about that one :)
My Lucky Emergency Macadamia nut.
Parker Pen - given to me by my last employer as a leaving gift.
Usb stick with 3 flavours of Microsoft Security Essentials installers on it. every woman should have one of these!

And then in the side pocket - antihistamine pills, (2 types), Paracetamol, Strepsils, spare carrier bag, stripey pencil.

And then in the little pocket thats meant to be for a phone - business cards and the keys to the office and carpark at work.

Not all of went back in!

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