Tuesday, October 5, 2010

30 Days of Me - Day 27 Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Day 27- Why are you doing this 30 day challenge

Initially it was a lemming like response, 'cos other people I knew were doing it.
Then it was 'actually this could be interesting' especially as I read some of the other blogs. 
It's hard work sometimes, to keep up. Even though I had pre-prepared a lot of entries.
I'm not sure now why I'm doing it. I hate leaving stuff half done so I will soldier on with the silly questions till the end.
I like being nosey and seeing how others are answering their questions
I'm not sure if it will encourage me to use my blog more regularly.

Maybe, Maybe not.

Its been cool putting together some of the stories and finding pics to go with them.

Heres a pic for today. - Something I've been seeing a lot of in the past week or so as I've split the hive then split the split to create 2 Nucs and one main hive going potty.

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